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How to look busy at work

According to statistics only 15% of employees are engaged in their work. Then what about the rest 85% of workers who find their jobs boring? Some of them consider leaving the company whenever they have a chance and some just kill their time in the office trying to look busy or browsing popular job boards. This article is for those

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How to reschedule an interview

There are things in life that take a couple of minutes but can mean a lot in the long run. These are brushing your teeth, meditating, regularly calling your parents, and timely and politely rescheduling your interviews. Below we have tried to find out if it is ok to reschedule one’s interview. When to do it and what reasons to

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5 fair reasons for dismissal

The lockdown that was to control the pandemic resulted in 7.6 million people risked being fired in the UK only. Being dismissed from your job is a naturally huge stress. Especially if it feels unfair. Read the below article to understand what are unfair dismissal cases, if there are ways to appeal your contract termination, and under what circumstances, dismissal

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