Top 5 cities for developers

The first place that comes to mind when you think of the best city for a developer to live and work is the Silicon Valley. And to a certain extent, it is true not only for the developers but also for UX and UI designers and other professions involved in the tech industry. Indeed the Silicon Valley is the center

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How long are internships

Though the majority of internships start at the very beginning of summer, fall is the time when big companies start the application process. So if you plan to become an intern in the company of your dream, it’s high time to get ready for this. Internships bring with them as many questions and doubts as experience and skills. How long

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How to look busy at work

According to statistics only 15% of employees are engaged in their work. Then what about the rest 85% of workers who find their jobs boring? Some of them consider leaving the company whenever they have a chance and some just kill their time in the office trying to look busy or browsing popular job boards. This article is for those

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How to reschedule an interview

There are things in life that take a couple of minutes but can mean a lot in the long run. These are brushing your teeth, meditating, regularly calling your parents, and timely and politely rescheduling your interviews. Below we have tried to find out if it is ok to reschedule one’s interview. When to do it and what reasons to

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5 fair reasons for dismissal

The lockdown that was to control the pandemic resulted in 7.6 million people risked being fired in the UK only. Being dismissed from your job is a naturally huge stress. Especially if it feels unfair. Read the below article to understand what are unfair dismissal cases, if there are ways to appeal your contract termination, and under what circumstances, dismissal

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How to conduct a remote interview

Even during the times when businesses face challenges, there is a constant need to hire new employees. The need for new members of the team may appear because the company has to replace workers who decide to leave the company for other challenges. Besides, there can be a need to fire employees who do not perform and to find more

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Top 10 remote jobs in IT

Due to the COVID-19 situation, remote work continues to be trending. Companies big and small are moving to work remotely and some of them are not planning to go back to office life. If you enjoy working from home, from a cafe, or from a seashore, you don’t have to return to the office either. All you need is just

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How to work from home and find productivity and motivation

The pandemic of 2020 has immensely influenced job markets all over the world. Many employers shifted from in-house work to working remotely. Moreover, about 21 million people lost their jobs in the USA and had to look for remote positions and acquire new work-from-home professions. Those who have worked as trainers, consultants, and freelancers are used to working from home

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